What Does a Young Iranian Athlete Wish for Her Future?

I am happy to have the opportunity to study here at the German Sport University Cologne. With my background and experience in sports, especially in the field of basketball, the opportunity to participate in this program was very interesting for me. I can easily play basketball here, I can go to the stadium and watch sport matches with my friends.

In terms of academics, I did not see much difference compared to my studies in Iran. I had studied in one of the best universities in Tehran in a similar field. I was a successful athlete in my country and a satisfied person with my life in Iran. I have cooperated with the Iran Basketball Federation and National team as an executive and player. But I was always looking for more opportunities, I was interested to see the world outside of my country. The era of Corona was a threat to all people in the world, it stopped sport programs, and that condition created a new opportunity for me, so that I can plan to continue my education abroad. I decided to experience life outside of Iran, but I admit that it is a very difficult decision, the homeland plays an important role in determining and defining the identity and personality of each person, and this definition for me is Iran, so I do not expect that Germany or any other country will be like my motherland for me. Deutschland is a good country to live and study. I like that here young people can
study in any field they are interested in. I am happy for them that they can plan and set goals for their future and work in whatever their profession is. I always have the same wish for the youth of my country.

You may have heard and read the news of my country these days. Like any other Iranian, I am worried about my country and I hope that these days and these movements will end in the best way which is good for the life and work of the people. People are the most important assets of a country. Iran’s current society is a young one, and young people have their own specific requests. Iran is an eastern country with its own oriental culture and Islamic ethics, the whole Iranian society and Iranian families live with this culture. In my opinion, young people do not have many requests, they are all basic desires for an ordinary life. Maybe if economic and social conditions are provided for them also some strict regulations and social management biases are reduced, the worries and struggles of life for young people and families will be less, hence the hope of young people for the future will be increased and we will not hear many of these issues and news in the media anymore. While I was brought up and developed in this society, I lived and faced many of these rules and regulations (perhaps strict), for example, I would have liked my father to be one of the spectators of my basketball matches in the stadium and cheer me up, but these conditions were never met. Although my family has always encouraged me to participate in sports activities since my school days.

Now that I am here at Spoho, I see these facilities , opportunities and programs for sport and youth, especially for the development of women’s sports. I might envy them a little, I am thinking about staying in Germany, finishing my studies and starting to work, also thinking about developing sports programs for young girls and women of my own country. If I want to apply the knowledge and experience that I have gained while studying the M.A International Sport Development and Politics, Iran would be the best choice, while Iran is full of talented and elite young people, Iranian youth (especially with the support of their families) are very interested in sports, and there are many opportunities to nurture and train sports
talents in there, especially among Iranian women.

I consider the Iranian society as a part of the world society, namely the Iranian youth and women deserve the best in their life like other women in the world. Iran is a big and powerful country, a region where every type of climate is seen, an area that has all the resources at its disposal. Maybe you have read “Iran travel blog”, I don’t know how much it impressed you, but that day I was the proudest person in the world, because I was able to show the Iranian country, society and family as it is to my German friends.

Here can find the link to the Spoho.Blog from Iran (in German) . In this Instagram live talk (in German) you can find further information about the situation in Iran.

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